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Become stronger, more skilled, and ​more confident than ever before!

Become stronger, more skilled, and ​more confident than ever before!

Martial arts classes that meet you where you are and challenge you to achieve your dreams

Lion’s Pride Martial Arts

Lion’s Pride Martial Arts

Here’s our promise:

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Classes designed for different age groups, to maximize learning and enjoyment

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Carefully structured, research-based curriculum to maximize benefits

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Transparency in pricing and policies

You know your own potential, or your child's potential, but you may not how to unlock it. We are here to help you. We encourage and guide each student to meet their goals and surpass their own expectations.

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To get to your personal best, you need perseverance, self-confidence, and motivation. The problem is, with the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life, you may feel unable to commit to a solid plan for personal development and success.

At Lion’s Pride, we believe you can achieve your goals with the right structure and support. Our programs are crafted for different age groups, with your needs in mind. A preschooler needs a program where instructors understand big emotions. An adult needs a program that understands the pressures of work life and provides a positive and encouraging peer group to help keep them on track.

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Why Martial Arts?

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Builds strength and confidence

From your first class, you’ll begin building strength, and learning new skills. As you learn, you’ll succeed at things you never dreamed you could do. Martial arts will help you to set and reach your goals in life.

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Improves Focus, Discipline, Self-Control

Research has shown that a high-quality martial arts program improves focus and teaches discipline and self-control. When students are challenged AND have fun, they are motivated to work hard and improve. Our programs are developed to motivate students to be their best!

Why Lion’s Pride Martial Arts?

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Trained, Professional Instructors

Our black-belt instructors have years of training and experience. Lion’s Pride instructors get rave reviews from our customers. But don’t take our word for it.

Do you want to help your toddler be their happiest and their best?

Do you want to help your toddler be their happiest and their best?

Mini SKILLZ ™ is a caregiver-and-me class for our littlest ninjas, ages 18 - 36 months. Their brains are growing rapidly, language is blooming, and motor skills are advancing. In other words, this is the IDEAL time to begin a structured group activity such as Mini SKILLZ™ Our extensive research has helped us build a fun and exciting program that is just right for both of you. Watch how the bonds between you and your child strengthen as you learn how to be their best coach! This class is scheduled to open in 2024.

Does your 3-5 year old struggle with self-control?

The Lion Cubs Early SKILLZ program helps them learn appropriate behavior in a fun setting!

Three to five year olds love physical activity and anything involving play. They have a rich imagination and strong desire to be less dependent on their usual caregivers. But they are not ready for the strict group structure found in many martial arts programs. Our Lion Cubs Early SKILLZ™ class meets them at their stage of development to build fundamentals of martial arts and skills that set them up for success in school, at home, and in life. They will learn and grow at a pace that is not too easy, and not too hard!

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Could your 5-7 year old benefit from improved focus?

The Lion Kids Basic SKILLZ class helps kids learn to focus their minds and bodies with fun, engaging lessons!

Five to seven-year olds are the most enthusiastic students. They are ideal students in the Martial Arts. The Lion Kids Basic SKILLZ™ program targets their stage of development in a manner that respects their social and intellectual curiosity while at the same time building skills that set them up for success. Ninjas in this class work on improving focus, control, balance, coordination, discipline, and teamwork while they kick, punch, and block their way through our classes!

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What if your 7-9 year old could stick it out ​when things get challenging?

Our Mountain Lions Core SKILLZ class helps kids develop perseverance in challenging tasks!

Seven to nine-year olds are what most people consider “the golden age.” They are proficient in vocabulary and problem-solving skills. However, although highly intelligent, they struggle to keep up with students ages 10 and up. Our Mountain Lions Core SKILLZ class teaches them perseverance, concentration, agility, and speed. All the core elements of a traditional martial arts program are taught using modern methods that keep kids engaged and coming back.

Are you concerned that your 10-14 year old may not be achieving their full potential?

The Extreme SKILLZ program helps 10-14 year olds maximize their potential in an encouraging, yet challenging environment.

Ten to fourteen-year olds are the smartest students in the school. They can excel in most physical challenges. But they may focus on what is socially acceptable, and have difficulty persevering in some tasks. Our Extreme SKILLZ™ classes coach them to develop persistent practice, quality technique, and street-ready self defense. Students in this age group often extend their study of martial arts to weapons, leadership, or competition level performance.

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Are you an adult that wants to learn practical martial arts?

The Teen/Adult Combatives class teaches practical self-defense in a more traditional format.

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Older teens and adults are serious about training and may not be feel comfortable taking class with kids or younger teens. Enter the Adult Combatives class! Students learn all the traditional elements of Tang Soo Do, and street-practical self-defense. This class is positive, encouraging, and effective at helping older teens and adults reach their training goals.

Does your child with ASD need a place to be a kid, learn new skills, and thrive?

Fundamental training with a strategic balance of martial arts that kids LOVE!

Spectrum SKILLZ offers an opportunity for kids on the spectrum to participate in an enjoyable activity without fear of rejection. They’ll learn to punch, kick, block, and break boards. But they’ll also be learning to communicate with others, try new things, and deal with sights, sounds, and emotions that may be challenging. We make learning martial arts so much fun that they might not even notice how much they are gaining in life skills!

Want better agility, strength, and instinct?

Want better agility, strength, and instinct?

Fight Club will give you confidence in the ring and on the street!

Fight Club is a great way to build foundational strength, agility, and instinct. We drill the basics until the basics are instinctual and build from there. As skills improve, challenges increase. Fight club members often participate in competition level sparring in tournaments and their skill is evident in the awards they earn. Most of all, Fight Club is FUN!

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Do you want advanced training?

Do you want advanced training?

Weapons training will help you develop a unique skill and sets you apart from the crowd.

Weapons training is for students who want to take their training to the next level. We emphasize traditional martial arts, but also train students to compete in weapons competitions. Martial arts tricking rounds out the curriculum and gives our students added confidence and flair.

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Are you ready to be a leader?

Are you ready to be a leader?

STORM Team teaches leadership skills for life!

S.T.O.R.M. (Special Team of Role Models) Team is our student leadership program. Students learn leadership skills and serve as role models for younger students in class, gradually taking on more responsibilities. Younger students join STORM Team Bravo, while older or advanced students join STORM Team Alpha. Students earn belts as STORM Team members and rank up in leadership as well as in martial arts.

Want to be more competitive for work or college?

Want to be more competitive for work or college?

Competition Team stresses hard work, 110% effort, and good sportsmanship as the foundations of success.

Competition Team members love to compete and commit to the extra practice and training it takes to be their competitive best! They attend extra training classes and compete regularly during the year. They also help guide our younger competitors in their first competitions. Colleges know that seasoned competitors can handle the pressure of college successfully!

Summer Camps are active, healthy fun!

Summer Camps are active, healthy fun!

Your kids need a healthy outlet for summer energy!

We offer skills-based summer camps when school is out. Past camps have included bo, sword, and nunchucks camps, Bully Defense camp, Medieval Times camp, Japan Camp, Parkour camp, Martial Arts Mania Camp, and more. Every camp teaches valuable skills both on and off the mat. Kids make new friends, learn a new skill, stay off screens, and often find a new passion!

Building a better community, one martial artist at a time.

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As you can see, we have classes for all ages, and many opportunities for physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

We cultivate confidence and skill in each student, whether it’s your first class or you’re already a black belt.

Our goal is to create the next generation of leaders, and to build a better world, starting right here in Central Kentucky.


My child has ADHD. Can they still do martial arts?

Absolutely! In fact, more and more medical professionals are realizing that martial arts can be therapeutic for kids with ADHD. Research shows that vigorous physical activity such as what happens in a typical class, can help the brain produce natural chemicals that help kids focus better.

My child is being bullied at school. Can martial arts help?

Yes it can. One of the owners is also a teacher with over 30 years of experience. We know what can happen in schools! We teach kids to recognize and stand up to bullies in schools. Importantly, we teach them to stand together against bullying.

My child has difficulty controlling their temper. Won’t martial arts just make it worse?

Surprisingly, no! Martial arts has been shown to help students learn to control their impulsivity and their temper. Many parents enroll their child in martial arts to give them the gift of self-control.

My child has tried other sports and always quits. How will this be different?

We hear this from lots of parents! The truth is, youth sports can be challenging if the coaches are not experts on child development, or if your child does not have well-developed skills already. The great thing about martial arts is that every student is part of the ‘team’ consisting of their classmates, yet every student is on their own track. Students who need extra time to master a skill can get it, without feeling pressured by peers.

Do I have to sign a contract? What if I want to quit?

No long term contracts! We have a 14 day cancellation policy which can be waived at our discretion. We want you to love your training, and whether you train with us for 6 months or 6 years, everything you learn with us will be valuable to you and useful in your life. If you decide to discontinue training, know that you can return at a later time with no loss of rank.

I’m shy and I have a difficult time making friends. Can martial arts help me?

Everyone in class has a shared interest in martial arts and fitness, and that’s a great place to start making new friends. You’ll find that students here are genuinely interested in you and want you to succeed. We also have age-specific and school wide social events that will give you even more opportunities to grow friendships.

How is your program different from other martial arts programs?

We use research in psychology, neurobiology, and child development to craft classes that are FUN and BENEFICIAL for everyone. The SKILLZ program that we use for our kids’ classes is based on years of research and experience, and we are constantly learning more and improving our programs still more. All of our instructors regularly attend in-service training to grow their teaching skills.

My child is not very athletic. I don’t want them to feel inferior.

The great thing about martial arts is that your child will be “on the team” but they can progress at a rate that is just right for them. If they need longer to learn a skill or reach a level of fitness, it won’t affect other students’ ability to progress. We teach all our students to positively encourage each other and celebrate each small victory of their classmates. As with any activity, at-home practice will help your child progress faster and feel better.

Client Testimonials

We've been with the studio for almost a year and our two kids (4 and 7) have grown so much during this time. They have increased their coordination and balance while learning how to navigate social situations and deal with bullies. They have bonded with their classmates and are excited to go each week. They have teachers who aren't just black belts but who actually enjoy teaching and care about students on an individual level. R.S.

My son went into karate at Lion's Pride with delays in both speech and motor skills. They have made a tremendous impact on his development. Soon after joining he graduated out of his O.T. program at school. I am so proud of how well he has done in martial arts. Even his pediatrician said never take him out of Karate because it uses different parts of the brain same as the arts and language does. We love all the instructors there especially the owner, Mrs. Nutter! -T.P.


Our kids have been training at Lion's Pride for over 2 1/2 years, and it's been a great experience for each of them, and for us! I appreciate the focus on self-defense, responsibility, and respect for oneself and others. My two younger kids have participated in summer camps. Weapons training is everyone's new love because of the camps. I can't recommend Lion's Pride enough! -A.M.

Schedule of classes






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Private Lessons 4:00 - 8:00

Basic SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:55

Basic SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:55

Basic SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:55

Basic SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:55

Fight Club 5:30 - 6:15

Core SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:55

Spectrum SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:55

Core SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:55

Early SKILLZ 5:10 - 5:40

Competition Forms 6:15 - 6:45

Private Lessons 6 - 6:45

Extreme SKILLZ 6 - 6:45

Early SKILLZ 6 - 6:30

Core SKILLZ 6 - 6:45

Advanced Tang Soo Do 6 - 6:45

Adult Combatives 7:40-8:25

Extreme SKILLZ 6:50 - 7:35

Advanced Tang Soo Do 7:40-8:25

Private Lessons 6 - 6:45

Extreme SKILLZ 6 - 6:45

Advanced Tang Soo Do 6 - 6:45

Adult Combatives 7:40-8:25

Private Lessons 6 - 6:45

Core SKILLZ 6 - 6:45

Extreme SKILLZ 6:50 - 7:35

Advanced Tang Soo Do 7:40-8:25

Weapons 6:45 - 7:30

Black Belts 7:30 - 8:15

Tuition and Fees

Annual Membership Fee: $60

Monthly Tuition: $149

No long-term contracts to sign

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