Ages 15+

Traditional Classes

Martial arts is one of the few sports that people can participate in throughout their lives. Our Tang Soo Do classes accommodate beginner to advanced students, aged 15 to adult.

Lion's Pride Martial Arts Traditional Class Program


Want to learn martial arts in a class of your peers? Lion’s Pride now offers a Combatives class for beginners aged 15 and older. The curriculum offers fundamental kicks, blocks, and strikes, and incorporates elements of boxing, cardio training, and grappling. There is a strong focus on learning basic self-defense and escapes. No previous experience is necessary.

Advanced Tang Soo Do

Traditional Tang Soo Do is appropriate for older teens and adults who have previous training in the martial arts and those who have completed the Lion’s Pride Combatives program. Advanced students refine techniques in preparation for earning their black belts. This class has a significant focus on self-defense, including joint locks, take downs, and sparring.

Find Out What You Can Do

Ready to experience the thrill of breaking through a board with your bare hand? Do you feel safer with the knowledge that you can protect yourself? Want to stand with greater confidence during your next presentation? It’s time to start your journey.

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